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10+ Years of Experience in Branding Startups, SMEs & Corporate Rebranding, we have been featured as The Best Malaysian International Branding Agency.

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Our Unique & Custom Logo Design Services

"Reasonably priced & quality logo design service! Kudos to their experienced graphic designers. Specially Logo & Brand Identity Services" -  Mr Li Ji Sheng's Testimonial for Rozzzario Branding Agency.

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We Design Your Logo with 100% Unique Brand Story Guideline – Just Like You!

Multiple Designers on Each Project

Multiple dedicated designers work on your logo design's creative brief and provide your unique logo concepts in 3-4 days.

Unlimited Revisions

An enterprise with sound management always asks for the supplier's corporate profile before purchasing. A marketing-oriented profile is essential.

Fixed Logo Design Package

Transparent services & fixed logo design price with no hidden charges. Get your logo design projects successfully completed with peace of mind.

Icecream parlour fnb logo design sample

Vanilla & Co

Icecream Parlour Sticker Type Logo Design

Capital Investment Logo

Auria Private Capital

Clean Style Corporate Logo design

Logo Design, Branding by Best Branding Agency Rozzario.com

Code Solve

Playful Textual Logo Design

Food Stall Logo

Burger Cube Food Joint

Small Burger Food Joint Logo Design

Logo Design, Branding by Best Branding Agency Rozzario.com

JewelsPet - Pet food

Mascot Character Logo Design

Chemical Company Logo

Chem Essential

Chemical Consulting Company Logo Design

How it Works?

Get The Perfect Logo Design For Your Business!

Remember: We think of each logo design project as a branding exercise & Believe it or not, we are good at it. The reason you were able to find us on google when you searched Professional Logo Design Company is because search Engines Recommend Rozzario as Best Branding & Corporate Identity Agency .

Takes 4 to 5 Minutes 🙂

First Step To Design A Logo > Define it!

Take out 5 minutes of your time and fill out this Creative Logo Design Brief Form.

Just answer a few questions like name you want on your logo, Nature of business, target market & audience. 
It’s enough for us to do brand analysis, research, audit and kickstart logo design project.


Step 2: Get Your Logo Design in 3-4 Days

Make Payment to kickstart with 100% Money Back Guarantee.

How Long Does It Take to Get a logo design?

It takes minimum 3-5 Days for a Good Branding & Logo Design Company to provide you initial mockups and atleast 2 revisions with 2-3 Days Turn Around Each. As a Transparent Lifestyle Digital Agency, we say you should plan for two weekends ahead if you really want to have a streamline flow of work.


Review, Revise & Finalize!

80% of our Logo Designs Get Approved Without the need of revisions, but...

Your project isn’t over here, this is where we encourage our clients to review the designs and let us know their thoughts as feedbacks so that we can review and revise the designs as per request and provide you with the best of variations until you are satisfied. Wait, There is more…. Scroll Down…


Benefits of Getting A Logo Designed By Complete Branding Digital Agency?

Quality Delivery: Print-Ready Source Files + 100% Copyrights.


We have been in the market for so long that based on many client’s previous experiences, we know there are many freelancer logo designers and small branding startups who’ll provide you maybe Amazing Looking Logo Designs in just JPEG or PNG formats and keep the editable software files like photoshop, illustrator with them. Later for which they charge you as add-on. We are strictly against hidden-charges and proud to be not just a branding agency, but a complete Digital Agency, so here is how we do it;
We provide all source files (JPEG, PNG, Ai, PSD, PDF) and in all those dimensions which you know or not, but will most likely need.
for example: Favicon, Social Media Profile Picture Dimensions, Website Logo Dimension, App Icon Logo and any other dimension that you request without any additional charges.

    Grow Your Business Online With Confidence!

    About Us

    Why do we offer Logo Design Service at Cost to Cost Price?

    We offer Logo Design Services with little to no profit margins as a medium to introduce our most extensive variety of digital services online.
    We look forward working with you to:

    Design Your Website
    Develop Your Ecommerce Store
    Manage Your Paid PPC Campaigns
    Rank Your Website On Search Engines like Google

    & many more Services to Grow Your Business Online

    Recognized For Superior Services

    How much does it cost to design a logo?

    One way to compare logo design price in Malaysia is:  Starting salary of Jr. Designers is 3k Rm and she takes four days to provide a few good logo design samples and another week for revisions. That’s almost half month.
    Forget the trouble of finding the right and experienced ones.
    Again, Cost to design a logo could be anywhere between Ten to Tens of Thousand.
    If you’re a small business or startup looking for quality design, a good logo design should cost between
    Rm 1000 – Rm 5000 ($ 200-1000).

    We Started with Just Logo Design As Low as Rm 500 When Mcdonald’s Logo meal was Rm 6 Only
    Now Our Basic Logo Design Package Starts at Rm 1,000 and the same meal is Rm 14.
    Whereas we improved our logo design service to include free brand story and they squeezed their ayam.

    Custom Logo Design

    Logo Designer with 5+ Years Experience

    RM 1,500

    Free Namecard & Letterhead Design

    Startup Branding

    2 x Experienced Designers

    RM 3,800

    Free yourname@yourdomain.com*

    Corporate Identity

    1 x Experienced Brand Manager

    RM 8,800

    Free One Page Website Design

    We Under-Promise & Over-Deliver

    With more than 10 Years of Industry & Niche Specific Experience in Designing Brand Identity,
    We Have Hundreds of Successful Startup Brands & Satisfied Logo Design Customers.
    Read the testimonials below and see what they have to say about our work.

    Jane L

    Brand Manager
    Ace Consultancy

    Google Review Best Website Design Agency Malaysia

    I have a few websites developed by Rozzario. I must say Rozzario have done an excellent job and I am extremely happy with the results. I will continue to do business with Rozzario for years to come.

    Deric Chew

    Marketing Head
    G8 Group

    Google Review Best Website Design Agency Malaysia

    Very happy to work with Rozzario.
    All this while, they have been very helpful and informative. Good team and company to work with.


    We just need to be sure about the seriousness of your commitment to the logo design project. To address your concern, we provide 100% Money back guarantee with simple terms
    a) 100% Refund applicable on Initial Designs
    b) Refund to be initiated in the first 3-4 Working Days
    c) Refund amount will be processed at the end of the sales cycles i.e 30-45 Days.