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How can I do basic SEO for my site? by Rozzario Digital Agency - September 18, 2018

Do you have a website for your business? If you don’t, then it’s high time to have one made to reach out to even more audiences and get a response beyond your imagination.

But once you do have a website, you should make it search engine friendly, to aim for the highest possible place in the results of popular search engines.  At the most rudimentary definition of the term, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimized and it is finding ways to increase your chances of showing up on web visitors’ search results, which of course means more traffic to your site.

SEO is very complex, and it is ideal you should hire an expert firm like Rozzario to do that complex web restructuring for you, but there are certain things you can do to hasten up the process and yourself increase the search ranking.


Know your Industry

The first, foremost and vitally important is to know where you stand, what you offer, what others are doing and how they are doing it. Getting to know about competition allows you to survey the landscape, know about the best practices and make well-informed decisions.


Keywords are the key!

It is the game of keywords, as people will be searching using keywords and your website should contain a logical mix of these keywords to ensure that the search engine bots find you in relation to those words.

Placing appropriate keywords consciously throughout your site, its titles, URLs and image names are important.  Imagine these as the search terms and imagine how someone would be using these to search for a specific service or a product.

The page title tag and header are the most important spots to put the highest ranking keywords there. But remember if you stuff too many keywords at any page, your site might get labeled as a spammer and search engine bots might label you as doing ‘keyword stuffing’. So be careful, strategic and conscious in your keyword placement.



There is one basic strategy for doing SEO and that is to backlink your own services and other web pages while creating new content so that a reader can visit your service or signup on a specific page as intended. It’s an easy way to boost your web traffic.

The more relevant words are there in a page’s content and links, it is more likely that the page will appear in search results while any of the keywords searches are performed by a user.

Remember, again do this conservatively, as putting in too many cross-links will only get your reader annoyed as they will have to open up a lot of links and it will take them from page to page.



We also need to take in consideration here that adding a sitemap with page listing and links to all your other major service or sales related pages on your site enables an easier path for the search engine crawl bot to search and list your site on the internet.

One of the first things a bot looks for is a sitemap file so that it can make the life easier for it while listing your site on the search engines and to actually find out what’s written on it.


Search friendly URLs

Name your URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) or simply the name of your page inside the website directory, with clear and easy keywords that define and describe your service or offering instantly.

It would be really hard for the site bots and humans alike finding out what is there on the page from the URL at first glance.

A dynamic URL is similarly off-putting even if it contains any recognizable words, for example, domain.com/search/?s=”fun’



Image descriptions

Search bots and indexing algorithms can only read text on your pages, this is why you need to make all information related to the images to be as descriptive as possible and with some keywords.

Known as ‘alt’ tags these make sure even if your images don’t load in the page, a small description or a keyword rich title can fill its place giving the reader and the bot some content in its place. The visible text around the images is the great practice of SEO and we suggest to caption all your images and be a little expressive while writing the image description.


Social Media sharing

Who doesn’t use social media these days right? You should focus on having social sharing widgets on your site as a starter and then distributing fresh content from your site across appropriate social networking platforms.

Whether your content gets shared via your company account or someone else recommends, tweets, likes or share it personally, this allows it to propagate further into the deeper layers of the social media multi-verse and exponentially multiplies the number of eyes, shares, mentions, and distribution of your content, the links and all the information you wanted to go with it.  Just imagine the multiplying factors here.

Our final thoughts

SEO is the key to your online success, better you rank on the search engines, more visitors you will get. But doing SEO is very tricky and quite challenging for someone non-technical.

But help is at hand, as Rozzario offers the most complete and customizable Digital Marketing Plans that caters to only just basic SEO but the complete digital presence enhancers that ensure the utmost reach, views, and presence across the entire digital landscape.

So if you are looking to make your first website or to optimize an existing one with the latest technologies, mobile friendliness and greater customer appeal, let Rozzario take you there.

We are just one call or message away. Let’s optimize your digital presence together!



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