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Importance of domain names by Rozzario Digital Agency - September 11, 2018

Almost, everyone in this day and age is active online or have basic access to web-enabled services. The fact that you are reading this right now is that you have found our blog and clicked on this very piece of information. This blog is present on a website Rozzario.com which is a domain.

What is a domain

Simply put, domain is the name of your website on the World Wide Web. Whether you are a business owner, a blog writer or a budding photographer, you do need a placeholder to showcase your work, products or services, and with such direct public access to the internet, a website is a key to the online business success we would say.

How domains work

Some time ago, telephone numbers were created to enable people to talk among themselves. Similarly, to identify computers and to be able to locate it while sharing information, DNS (Domain Name System) was created. It’s like a directory of computers.

But the problem is there are too many computers in the world, therefore a complex number system was created to assign IP (Identity Protocol) to each of them, but these IPs are very hard to remember, therefore in order to overcome this, domain names were introduced.

When you type in a domain on your browser’s address finder, it pings a certain IP address of a certain server and then that server connects with your computer or mobile to start transferring data, hence you are able to visit that site. There are many protocols and safety measures that are in place during this process, but for the sake of keeping this simple, we are not going into their details.

For starters, domain is just the name of your website, where you store your most critical information like your contact details, ways to reach you, your address and of course all the information there is about what you want to sell.


How domain names are important

Domain names are a vital part of your online universe. It is important to remember that your website is the key placeholder of your business and its name is the first and foremost thing your visitor will get in contact with.

So it’s important that your domain name should have your business names in them. Like for example Nike.com or Toyota.com but you can go even beyond by having one or more of your services in the domain name. For example ‘Ralph-digital-works.com’ where Ralph must be the owner of the place and digital works signify he is in the business of some digital marketing or design work.

It is crucial that we make our domain names as memorable and user-friendly as possible, no one wants to visit ralphs-online-store-of-shoes.com right? Shorter, easier and common names make sure that your online presence is an easy recall of everyone. Always make sure to buy a memorable name.

Another very important aspect of a domain naming process is a consideration for its SEO compatibility. It should be SEO (search engine optimization) friendly. It should at least contain some information about your business or services as to be listed on top, search engines prefer a name that matches the keyword being searched. As always, ranking on top of search engines vital and we cannot stress it more.

Currently, there are more than 1000 available domain extensions. So go on be creative and get yourself a domain that best describes you and your business.


Keys to domain purchasing

When making a domain purchase, you need to make sure a few things:

  • It should be unique and expandable – like when you need to expand your business line
  • It should be easy to remember
  • It should be SEO friendly, should have keywords for what you think a potential customer is looking for
  • It should add value to your business and sound good too
  • Always go for TLD if available, TLD or Top level domains rank down from .com, .org, .edu, .net, .int, .gov and the list goes on to some local domains like .my, .us, .uk etc.
  • Try having not just the .com but also other TLDs like .net and .info or .org (if applicable) to make sure you have good redirection, better future capability as you can later have full use of all of them with your brand name all across – plus it safeguards you from anyone else using your name
  • Avoid slang terms- of course!
  • Never buy a trademark or patented product name as your domain even if it’s available at that time
  • Check social media site handles to ensure similar sounding handles are available on your favorite platforms
  • Hosting and domain name availability with ample expiry time should be opted for


From the list of things, it could be truly said for the domain acquisition process to be cumbersome and that it requires a lot of attention to finer details. But don’t worry, as help is at hand.

Why not let Rozzario and its team of web experts do all this hard work for you. This entire process could be as simples as just 3 steps. You tell us your details, we present you with available names and you pick one, that’s it! We will take care of all other details.

So, if you are looking to set up a new site, Rozzario is your pick for an easy process. We offer custom web development solutions as well.

Just give us a call or write to us at info@localhost

Let us buy you a great domain name and setup up your first website.



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