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Importance of email marketing by Rozzario Digital Agency - September 2, 2018

Today, a predicted usage of email is around 34% worldwide. About 2.5 billion people strong it is foreseen to increase. One more statistic suggests about 109 billion business emails are sent daily. Therefore, beyond any doubt, email marketing is a great way to connect with people. I mean who here doesn’t have an email address, everyone.

We get tons of email every day, mostly from our contacts, some spam and some general notifications. You read them, delete them, mark them spam or simply ignore them, but we can be sure that emails are indeed a big part of our life.

When talking about email marketing, it’s a great way to personally reach to your audiences and make sure the message is delivered. Let’s sip over a cup of coffee and read through a list of advantages of email marketing.

Economic and Cost Effective

Email is fairly inexpensive when compared with other mediums of advertising. It allows businesses to reach a larger number of audiences at a very economical price that comes down to virtually nothing, per message.

Ideal for startups and small to medium business setups, the cost-effectiveness of any marketing campaign is a plus and when combined with the potential reach-out numbers, it’s a plus plus.

If you consider other mediums and the costs involved and the time it takes to actually set up and executes those, email marketing will win and check all the boxes. With proper management of your email list, the ROI increases, you get more positive responses and a surety of reaching the potential audiences with fewer steps and lower costs increases dramatically.

Direct and more effective

When talking about its reach, we believe that email is the most personal and can get your message directly to the intentioned person. Depending on its quality and some other parameters, it might be the most effective way to get your message to be opened, read and eventually, the desired action to be performed.

When combined with other mediums like social media or some other form of paid marketing, email does a wonderful job of reminding, recalling and converting your customer. It can, of course, be a great tool for securing a lead as well.


Emails can help you create groups, separating them with any variables you desire and then send each group a personalized message depending on your preferences. A tailored and customized message greatly increases its value in the mind of the consumer.

Posting on social media or creating an ad generalizes the audiences, but in an email, you can even call out each one of them by their name… yes, it is possible to customize emails to a level of ‘first’ or ‘last’ name as salutations, closing lines or any other part you like to customize. Any email beginning with your name or having it in its subject is bound to be opened, even just out of curiosity.

Result Oriented

Email marketing tools give great options to measure each campaign. Even as human we the recipients of these emails are bound to do at least something with them, open, reply, forward, click through or just ignore. They always derive some result.

Emails can deliver your message, direct traffic to your website, make them click your ad, subscribe, or even drive direct sales.  Using email marketing has the potential to give you results quite quickly.

And as we discussed earlier, the ROI of any email campaign is much better than any other form of paid promotion.


Email tools can tell you the open ratio, which links were clicked and how many unsubscribed. You will get information on the fly and enables management of the campaign as it progresses.

A good email tool will allow you to monitor, edit and do other changes, even do testing runs. You can test what works and what doesn’t, stronger taglines, punchier visuals or just overall rethink of the communication. You will know and have a better understanding with ample room for improvements.


Email is an easy way to be in touch with your customers directly and personally, inform them of new offers, discounts and update them on their ongoing orders. Emails give you the best control over point to point formal conversations.

The key is to know how to use this platform wisely, which may become a hassle for a super busy entrepreneur, but help is at hand. Let Rozzario do your email marketing for you!

We can provide you with insights, plan and design entire campaigns for your business, load you with tips and tricks and make sure that your communications hit the mark.

Our Email Marketing teams can lend you a helping hand for a smooth and easy, result oriented email campaign.

So let’s cash-in on the immense potential of this underdog of a popular marketing method, starting today.




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