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Traits of a good Design Agency by Rozzario Digital Agency - August 25, 2018

We get bombarded with new services and product every day, social media is full of content that is rich in pictures, videos and other graphics that speak an overwhelming volume. But have you ever wondered what or who churns out all those beautiful images and tons of data every day?

Yes, it’s the design agencies and the people in them, who turn wild ideas into beautiful yet meaningful pieces of art that convey the message, hook their audiences and derive them with persuasion towards the desired goal.

But today we are talking about what makes these agencies great, of course, they are like me and you, ordinary human beings but they do have a keen eye on detail and can turn words and lengthy paragraphs into self-speaking imagery, right? Let’s see how ‘they’ do it and what makes an agency great from the ordinary.

Creative brief

The first and foremost, the most important, without which a ton of time and resources would be wasted. Yes, it’s all about the client’s brief. It could be a simple filled form with some information or a lengthy understanding of the actual business of the client.

Your marketing and sales effort land you a client, but it’s all about understanding the importance of a brief and understanding exactly what, how, when and where needs to be done.

Without knowing the purpose and the reason, it is next to impossible to deliver as per expectations, yet even to begin with.


The most important aspect of any communication is its context, context enables us to make sense of things, it allows us to decide if something is relevant. Why is it needed in the first place?

A solution that isn’t relevant, isn’t a solution at all!  A good design agency would only create something best suited to the need of the scenario, it does mean arguing with the client sometimes.  But at the end of the day, the work delivered will do its job well.

 Passion and Drive

As with any profession, passion and drive towards the absolute best is the key in graphic designing.  You cannot be creative if you don’t love what you do, and these two are strong pre-requisites when it comes to being a good agency. The work is long and tiring, it might require a lot of revisions, but passion is what keeps them going even when the going gets tough. An agency puts their 100% in any work they are engaged in.

An agency should invest equal time in all clients and think of their wins as their own.

Ability to Take Criticism


The client is always right, but that comes at a price, criticism, something that agencies live with. As a good design solutions provider, you should take criticism lightly, no one is challenging your skill, it’s just a mutual spirit of everyone involved to bring out the best final result.

Criticism allows anyone, let alone a design agency to improve on their work and as we spoke about context, to best cater towards the requirement of the time.



Clients just don’t want raw talent. They need someone to count on, which is why they have hired an agency in the first place.

As in other professions, a good design agency needs to be reliable and punctual, they should meet the deadlines proactively. Meaning they should be able to conjure up all their work even before the deadlines to make room for self-revision and realizations before the first submission.

It’s always beneficial to be reliable, manage clients and work well, develop consistency and prove your trustworthiness. It ensures a long and happy client-agency relationship which in return always brings the customer back for future projects.



The most important consideration, especially for medium or small sized clients are their pockets. And of course no one wants to burn their cash, right?

Being able to deliver the very best and being market competitive in pricing is a big win-win for all agencies out there. Although tough as employing qualified professionals in your team comes at a price, but at the end, good quality work at lower prices does pay off and it helps in cementing better relationships with the clients.



By having a good understanding of the world around them, being reliable and cost-effective, good design agencies are opportunists, smart workers and creators of great experiences.

Speaking of great agencies, Rozzario is the best in class and award-winning, full-service digital agency that has the best team of creative minds and checks all the right boxes.

If you like to see some of our works, let’s begin with the Logo Designing Services and Portfolio of ours. Being a one-window solution, our services don’t just end at designing, it’s just the beginning!

Let’s discuss your aspirations…



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