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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1How About The Legal Side – Non-Disclosure Agreements, Contracts, Etc.?

    To maintain relationships with and provide security for our clients, we use both non-disclosure agreements and contracts.

    Following is a list of what we consider important in any project:

    • A detailed proposal clearly stating deliverables, scope of work, time, and cost
    • An invoice
    • Terms and conditions
    • Non-disclosure agreements
    • A project site map
    • Project layout
    • A visual draft
  • 2I Don’t Know Exactly What My Requirements Are, Can You Help?

    We are always eager to help our clients. For assistance, please contact us; we will get back to you in 24 working hours.

  • 3Do You Provide Hosting Services? Or Can I Go With The Hosting Provider Of My Choice While Having You Build My Site?

    Yes, we provide hosting services to the clients with whom we are already working in terms of developing or modifying. We do not offer “pure hosting,” but we always guide our clients in terms of hosting selection, account setup, emails, databases, etc.

    We are more than happy to work with you in whatever way suits you. You may certainly select your own web host; when we finish your site’s development, we will hand it over so that you can put your source code wherever is best for you.

  • 4Do You Offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Websites?

    Yes we do; it’s our forte. Basic Search Engine Optimization is offered FREE in all our packages.

    In addition to the free service, we provide a special SEO service package that depends on the client’s keywords, website code, etc. If you are looking for more information about our advanced SEO, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.

  • 5What Services Do You Offer?

    The following list contains our primary services:

    • Web application development
    • Website design
    • Corporate identity/logo design
    • SEO and SMM
    • Consultancy and support

    For details about each service, please visit our services page.

  • 6What Technologies Do You Work With?

    We prefer to develop websites on open-source technologies like PHP, HTML, MySQL, etc. These technologies have a bright future, which can help improve your web portal.

    It is against our ethics and policies to make you spend more for a custom-made content management system. We prefer using open-source CMS platforms like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc. These platforms are free, cost effective and flexible, and typically maintain a large community of developers. You can also tell us the platform on which you want to see your website developed. If we feel as though we do not have the skills to build your website on a particular platform, we will let you know straight away. Quality, ethics, and transparency drive our business!

  • 7How Many Days Do You Need To Develop A Website?

    The timeline depends on the package and the client’s requirements. A typical project takes about 25 to 35 working days. However, there is always the possibility that a project will take longer to complete, as the process is a two-way street and depends on client response times. If a client takes an unusually long time to respond or approve, the timeline is affected and delays can be expected. Please contact us with your requirements so that we can come up with an accurate timeline for you.

  • 8In The Future, Can You Upgrade Or Make Changes To A Web Project That You Or One Of Your Partners Has Developed?

    In both cases we help our clients. If a change is minor and we initially developed the website, we will perform the task FREE of charge. However, if the same website requires a modification or change that requires more than one working hour, we will implement a complete process that consists of a new proposal describing the project plan, scope, costs, and terms and conditions.

    We will also help our clients modify or redo websites developed by other vendors, but this will require additional time.

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  • 9Do You Work For Clients Abroad? If So, How?

    Yes, a borderless world has given us the opportunity to work internationally.
    Using the latest technologies, the Rozzario specialized team puts its untiring efforts into bringing you the best of the web development process. You can review our work in real time and move along with the Rozzario team throughout the development process.
    Our working style is so simple that anyone will enjoy the maximum benefit. We stay in contact with clients 24 hours a day with the help of email, phone, and chat (Skype, MSN, and YIM).
    We follow the same process for every client.

    Our proposal
    Your approval
    50 percent down payment
    The first cut (draft design/project)
    Your feedback, followed by your approval
    Rework according to your suggestions, development, and testing
    Your balance payment, followed by project deployment
    We would love to show you how courteous and responsible our team is.[:ms]Donec at orci non lacus venenatis tempus vitae ac lectus.

  • 10Where Can I Review Your Previous Work?

    For your convenience, we have compiled a Rozzario Portfolio where you can review our previous work at any time. To see recent projects, please contact us. We will be more than happy to answer all your queries about our work.[:ms]Donec at orci non lacus venenatis tempus vitae ac lectus.

  • 11What Are Your Price Ranges? How Much Do You Charge?

    Our packages varies according to the requirements of our clients; therefore, we offer packages that include different features.

    We know that our clients value their money, so we provide fair pricing for everyone. Details about the packages can be viewed here.

    If these packages do not meet your requirements, we would be more than happy to address your queries, as we believe in satisfying our clients fully.

    No matter what the size of a project is, we process payments in three steps. We require the first payment in advance, the second in the middle of the project, and the third upon completion.

    In the case of small and medium-sized projects, we require 50 percent of the total cost in advance. We require 25 percent at the time of programming, and 25 percent upon the project’s completion.

    If the project is a large or bespoke web application, we require an advance payment of 35 percent of the total amount. A second payment of 35 percent will be held until mutual consent in the middle of the project, and final payment of 30 percent will be required upon completion of the project, including deployment.

    We cannot conduct business before payment, nor change the payment policy. However, you will find us to be flexible, as we accept almost all payment methods, including credit card, cash, cheque, and bank transfer. (We’ll even participate in the ancient method of barter, but only if what is being offered meets our needs.)

    In case of any ambiguity with respect to your requirements, feel free to contact us; we would love to assist you.[:ms]Donec at orci non lacus venenatis tempus vitae ac lectus.