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Questions to ask designers!

Experts List the Key Questions to Ask When Hiring a Creative & Design Agency.

Scroll down for the most common questions to ask a creative & design agency!

Scroll down for the most common questions and their answers to ask a creative & design agency!

  • Give us your brief portfolio?

Design agencies entitle the brand with an identity, recognition through enticing creativity that make them stand out among their competitors.Designers are always looking to push their own creative boundaries, while keeping up with the latest trends in art and technology. Designing or brand identity requires experience, creativity, and imagination. A good design gives the client powerful recognition in the market. 

Portfolio should encompass successful projects, strengths and abilities within the design agency. Share how long you have been within the industry and any interesting scenario or case study about your career path.

  • What is your process workflow, and how do you take-up a new project?

When you’re approached to work on a new project, It is important to spend time with the creative idea to understand what the client is trying to achieve before diving into the design.This is significant that it allows the designer to focus & confined to be result oriented so that it comes up with the best, as per client business model.

Understanding the business goals for this project and what success will look like. Then we can collaborate to come up with an approach that will help deliver results.

Once it has been figured out what’s needed, the team starts mocking up several different design solutions and present them to the client.

  • What kind of questions do you ask before beginning a design project? Which piece of information is of utmost value?

The concept of design defines the identity & message of a brand that is being conveyed. So the process should initiate with the collection of information i.e brand name, motive of brand, region & audience of interest & the color combinations that contrasts the design model.
Brand name & description related to the business model encompasses about 90% of the information that is required to brainstorm the concept of design. So it is important to cover each & every aspect of service & product or business model in a business description that helps the designer to accomplish the task efficiently.

  • How do you handle differences of opinion or conflict with a client?

One of the toughest parts of a designer’s job is dealing with a client who has a different vision or expectations from you. If your team works within an agency structure, this will come up more often than not.

There are times when you find differences of opinion with your clients. Mediating among the parties to settle before it gets out of hand is key to building good as well as long-term relationships with your clients. First of all, the dispute should be discussed to determine the root cause that will help to identify the shortcomings by one of them. 

From the business perspective, Treating your customers with respect & dignity is the crucial element in building relationships. Unprofessional behavior with a customer is never justifiable under any circumstances. Showing respect & value to your customer, will ultimately get you respect & trust in return.

Excellent customer service is extremely important. Look this up if you don’t know what’s entailed with excellent customer service.

If you find yourself unable to help, seek someone from your team for constructive intervention immediately. Knowing your limitations, goes a long way with selling/providing service and keeping customers for life or as long as possible.

“One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.” – Jim Rohn

Simultaneously the limits lie in equal proportion, The value of the client also enters the equation. If their chosen mode of communication is a cost to you that outweighs the other profits in working with them, then simply let the client go—the relationship wasn’t meant to be

  • How long will it take to deliver? 

On finalizing the contract, it is the responsibility of the agency to clarify the turnaround time for the fulfillment of the project. In case the project is urgent, the deadline time & final deliverance time should be decided mutually & made delivered in order to fulfill the commitments. 

  • What are the details of your packages for different types of design?

The proper details of packages should be exchanged with the client by the sales team of the design agency that indicates the services to be provided against the package charges. How Much Does a Logo Design Cost?

  • Which kind of design services do you offer? Kindly elaborate.

The design agency should showcase their services to customers so that they know the expertise of the agency that helps the customer to potentiate the deal with full knowledge & trust that defined your portfolio.

The client landing on the website or offer you are showcasing reflects the spectrum of services you can deliver to them while all your portfolio & testimonials depict the relationship building with your client & customer management until the closure of the project.

  • What is good design work?

The good design work reflects the motivation of the design agency which shows the effort they made to satisfy the customer’s demand in order to assure the quality of the project & raising the brand value of the agency.
Good design work defines itself that fulfills the client’s expectation for which it is paid for.
The value of the work can’t be weighed in terms of pricing, its value reflects the design that redefines the business model. 

  • What do you do to meet tight deadlines on time while still delivering great work?

Some projects that seem to be easy or less time taking proves to be way longer to execute that arises the difficulty to maximum but quality assurance while putting a tight schedule on the other side keep focusing on time deliverance
Some graphic designers work well & prefer to handle projects in a rush, as they feel pressure helps polish their skills and capabilities. Graphic designers should consider self-analysis, where they fall on the spectrum and how they work under deadlines and while developing a well-coordinated system that makes them more productive
The commitment & trust builds between the two parties provide motivation to deliver on tight deadlines. Passion & commitments to deliver, led them to work under pressure to meet the deadlines & deliver the quality project to the client.

  • What kinds of design projects are you most interested in?

When a client seeks a design agency, it is valuable if you express the wide spectrum of designing expertise so that clients may have one-stop solutions & raise the brand value.
One of the biggest things that clients watch for is a designer who doesn’t seem to have any preferences and states that they love all types of design. While that might be true, they almost certainly have particular projects they prefer. And in some cases, they’re simply stating what they think the interviewer wants to hear.

  • What do you do when you hit a creative block? How do you overcome it?

Whenever it happens, designers will seek more design ideas & creatives. Exploring a wide range of designs freshen up the mind with lots of design ideas & lead to brainstorming for unique creative ideas. This strategy helps to implement the new ideas for design & deliver the client with the maximum of their expectations.

  • How do you incorporate feedback into designs?

The first thing to do is to reach the subconscious mind of the client and try to understand why it’s being said and how it can be implemented in design graphically. If it’s hard to understand the concept on a surface level, you should probe further. then figure out what is actionable and specific and consult with the client to satisfy with the alterations. Finally, handover the outcomes to the client after quality assurance of the project

  • What Softwares do you use? Adobe Products or CAD or other?

Clients usually ask about software to know the knowledge about different designing tools & software to calculate the familiarity of designing products of an agency.
It may help the clients to quantify the scope & range of services you may offer with those tools. 

  • What would you need to learn about our brand in your first week of work?

Design agencies always roll the relationship that builds under great commitment & coordination. The area of services demands understanding the brand, its background story, motivation and expectations from the audience; that helps to close the project with full command of management & skills with quality project deliverance until customer satisfaction

  • How do you work cross-functionally with developers, copywriters, project managers, etc.?

The best designers are team players. They know how to conceptualize, design, incorporate feedback,  deliver and collaborate on projects. The multi-functional role of a graphic designer testifies when working in a team to deliver a project. The relationship & coordination within the team is the key to cross-function & delivering under tight deadlines.
Communication & commitments drive the team to let the project be finished on a tough schedule, showing the determination as well as a team effort to lead the project to the final.

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Clients ask this question to ensure that your abilities line up with the skills needed for the role. More importantly, they’re looking for the candidates that are confident and self-aware about their strengths and shortcomings so that they can cope up with the difficulty when it comes to challenging them.
When talking about your strengths ensure you have an example or too handy to illustrate how it has benefitted you or others. Strength can be tangible or intangible that may help to resolve technicality or may crack the management solution

  • What do you do to stay up to date on the latest software, trends, etc.?

There are tons of publications that watch for recent updates of the design industry, from blogs to other online publications. Designers who are passionate about the new updates & features in the industry probably have plenty of sources they turn to regularly to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of graphic design.

This criteria helps to examine the designer agency’s know-how about the latest trends & updates regarding tools & designs that may help to create more engaging creative or software updates that have made things easy.

  • Tell us about a time when you had to balance multiple competing priorities?

An agency will take on a last-minute project for a client, or a project you thought was completed will need additional adjustments or revisions that were discussed with the client but not updated. When these projects are pitched at someone who is actually having a full plate, it can be frustrating and stressful. 

A designer’s capabilities and prioritising skills help not only to balance but finish every project within deadlines and expectations. This quality of performing in-depth time lets you boost as a team to deliver under the toughest scenario. 

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