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August 26, 2021
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August 26, 2021

WordPress and Shopify Price Comparison

WordPress and Shopify Price Comparison

Let’s first talk about Shopify, which offers some 5 pricing plans: 

Here is what you will have in the first place: 

  • Basic Shopify: This pricing package includes everything you need to start a business. It will cost you $29 each month.
  • Shopify: This is the all-in-one package for the complete Shopify experience, which will charge you $79 per month.
  • Advanced Shopify: State-of-the-art features for a scaling business for $299 per month.

Apart from this, Shopify has announced new pricing choices, including Shopify Plus, which has a negotiated, quote-based fee, and Shopify Lite that will cost $9 per month. Keep in mind that Shopify Plus is the most expensive version of Shopify when considering different options. The good news is that almost all the Shopify features have a 14-day free trial, so you can have a trial and know which one is the best program for your business’s success. 

If you want to have a closer look at your investment, be sure to go for a detailed overview of features and products that Shopify offers. Because you will require a hosting and storefront provider to manage unlimited products without any problem or delay. 

The features that you receive on any given plan will depend on how much you spend, as it does with most website building tools. For example, the Lite plan allows you to add a Shopify “Buy” button to your website and sell through Facebook, but there is no independent store. Also, the phone support service is only available on the Basic package and higher.

Overall, Shopify is a reasonably priced option to create an e-commerce website, especially if you are on a tight budget. On the other hand, the advanced and Plus packages can become quite expensive rapidly. 

Taking a look at WordPress pricing, it’s difficult to have an accurate estimate of how much a self-hosted WordPress e-commerce website will cost your company as there are multiple variables to consider. Although the software to create a WordPress site is free to download, the ultimate cost of your e-commerce strategy will be determined by the following factors: 

  • Hosting – Several companies provide hosting, and each of them has different pricing packages to select from. 
  • Themes and Designs – Some templates have premium costs as well as a professional designer. 
  • Integrations and Plugins – Entrepreneurs with successful businesses require a variety of plugins and integrations to smoothly run their online stores. If you are one of them, some plugins may cost you good amount of money. 

As we have mentioned earlier that WordPress requires some technical skills and knowledge, you may need to pay for a developer to build your e-commerce store if you don’t have coding knowledge. Hiring a professional WordPress developer means that you need to add that cost, too. 

When you’re developing an e-commerce store with WordPress, the one thing you’ll always have to pay for is hosting. Hence, make sure to determine whether you want to go with a managed hosting provider or shared-hosting service. Managed hosting provides a quicker and safer website, but it is more expensive. Whereas, shared hosting is cheap but not ideal for e-commerce businesses. 

The average price of a WordPress e-commerce include:

  • Annual hosting (managed): MYR 350 each year
  • Ecommerce integrations: MYR 180 per year
  • Part-time developer guidance: MYR 2000 – MYR 8000
  • Plugins: MYR 400
  • Premium theme: MYR 400 one-off

Comparing these two platforms for money, Shopify is less expensive than WordPress. 

Moreover, don’t forget to consider the payment options when selecting the platform that’s suitable for you. You’ll need a solution with cheap transaction fees regardless you are accepting credit card or PayPal payments. Shopify Transaction fees start at $29 per month for the Shopify Basic plan, which includes a 2.9 percent fee and 30 cents every online transaction. The standard Shopify account, on the other hand, costs $79 per month and includes a 2.6 percent fee and 30 cents every transaction.

The transaction fees that you experience with WordPress is dependent on the e-commerce payment platform you choose to use. 

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